Lustrum Activities

Lustrum Activities

ABBA styled opening party

We will open up the Lustrum with a opening party in ABBA style! This party will take place at Loburg. You are welcome to join us from 9.30PM and the Spicy will provide us with a very special ABBA-themed performance at 10.30PM. Join us on this very first evening, and start our Lustrum as festive as possible. Of course, we hope to see you in beautiful ABBA-themed outfits.

Have you always wanted to be a graffiti artist? During this workshop you can find out how to make a graffiti artwork and maybe you explore a new talent of yourself! On the 31st of May you have the opportunity to join our graffiti workshop on campus. Under accompaintment of an instructor from ‘Je leukste graffiti’ you can make the most beautiful graffiti and maybe even develop your own tag! It starts around 7PM and it will take about two hours. We hope to see you there!

Graffiti workshop

Moulin Rouge Gala

Bonsoir tout le monde! On the 1st of June the gala of our Lustrum will take place, and this year it is in style of nothing less than Moulin Rouge! So suit up and enjoy a night with nice music and drinks. You are of course also welcome to bring a date. The gala takes place at Junushoff, so close enough to go on your bike or white horse. You will receive six coins for drinks and a photographer will be present to capture your beautiful moments and outfits. The gala is included in the Passe Partout ‘Around the World’. 

After the gala, we all deserve some time to relax and recover from that amazing night. Therefore, a recovery day is a must. Come join us to enjoy some drinks and good food. Maybe you are even up for some fun games? Make sure you do not do too much, so that you’re ready for all the activities that are yet to come!

Recovery Day


Do you want to even further ‘Open Up” after the first week of our Lustrum? Visit the Symposium on Saturday, June 3rd, at Forum. During this symposium, themed: ‘Open Up To Our Future’, you will be introduced to topics associated to the future of Health & Ageing and the future of Food. Expect interesting guest speakers and interactive workshops. This symposium will help you to open up to the future of your career since most of our guests are Nutrition & Health alumni!

Are you interested in the various wines or beers that Wageningen has to offer? Then join this activity! You can either buy a ticket for the wine tasting or the beer tasting, so choose carefully. For the wine tasting, we will go to ‘Wagenings Wijngoed’ to get a tour and learn more about their wines. Of course, you will also get to try them! For the beer tasting we will go to ‘Onder de Linden’, to learn more about their homebrewed beers and to try some out! Both tastings are included in the Lustrum tickets. We hope to see you there!

Beer/Wine Tasting

Let's sport American College style

Of course many of us like to play sports and be active, so thats why we organised the sportsday! This sportsday will not only be outside on the field at the bongerd, but we will also go to the swimming pool for some sports inside the water. Most of the sports are played a lot in the US, so that is the theme of the sportsday. You can sign up with a team of your own choice. Also non-members can join this event. In between the sports we will have dinner together to get some more energy for the sports afterwards. This activity is included in both ‘Around the World’ and ‘Road Trip’. Get ready for some competition!

On Wednesday June 7th the official almanac presentation will take place! During this evening you can finally discover the beautiful and colorful almanac with all the amazing memories of Di-Et-Tri from the last two years. The almanac release will take place in the Woeste Hoeve with an amazing party afterwards! This will be for sure an amazing evening which will give you a souvenir for a lifetime.

Almanac Reveal Party

Pub Crawl

Come with us to explore some nice bars in Wageningen! Of course, we will not yet reveal which bars we are going to, the only thing we can tell you is that it will be fun! At every bar, you will get a drink from us, and for some bars there are snacks included. We also want a bit of action, so we will challenge you with a quiz you can participate in together with your teammates. The activity starts around 8PM, and what time it ends is up to you ;). We hope to see you crawling with us!

Prepare for the biggest activity in our Lustrum! On the 10th and 11th of June we will go on a trip to the beautiful Antwerp in Belgium! We will go there by bus on Saturday morning, which takes us back again on Sunday evening. We will stay the night in a hostel in the city center and have some nice activities during the day. This is still a surprise, but we can say it will be a lot of fun and also very tasty ;). This trip has limited spots, so make sure to get your ticket ‘City Trip’ quickly! We hope that you will join us to open up to Belgium!

City Trip to Antwerp