Di-Et-Tri is the study association for students Nutrition and Health in Wageningen. The roots of the study association are in 1969, when the former agricultural university started with the programme N XXIII, or ‘Human Nutrition’. In the beginning, Di-Et-Tri was not yet a true association, but rather a group of students who organized activities.

The name Di-Et-Tri is derived from the number 23, the code that the programme ‘Human Nutrition’ used to have. Di-Et-Tri means two-and-three in Latin. Di-Et-Tri is also a play on ‘diet’.

Di-Et-Tri had an association magazine called ‘de Calorie’ at the time. At that time, the teachers were pretty afraid of this association magazine, because they were very critically commented on. That is really something different than the fun Health Issue we have now!

In 1972, the ‘Raad & Daad’ meeting was established. This group was engaged in the quality of the programme, similar to the current education committee (Opcie). In the end, the ‘Raad & Daad’ meeting and Di-Et-Tri were merged. In August / September of 1972, Di-Et-Tri was definitively established. The association then had about 74 members. After a few years there was a separation and the association got the form as we know it now. We therefore officially count from the year 1978.

Nowadays the association flourishes; there are more than 750 members and more than twenty committees. Di-Et-Tri also plays an important role in recruiting new Nutrion and Health students by organizing orientation days for high school students.

You can read more about Di-Et-Tri on the website of Studiegids.nl, where we have our own page.