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BSc Voeding en Gezondheid & MSc Nutrition and Health
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Office Hours

Dear members,

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, a limited number of people can be present in our office, 'Het Hok', room 110 in Forum. This means that it is not possible to drop by our Hok to ask your questions in the lunch breaks as usual. If you have some questions, you can reach us on the phone or make an appointment to come by. You can do this by sending an email to or send us a FB message!

Love, Di-Et-Tri Board 2020-2021

What we offer


One of the many fun things you can do at Di-Et-Tri is to join a committee. Di-Et-Tri has about 22 committees that organize different activities, study and non-study related. Would you like to to read more about what each committee does or do you think it would be nice to join committee yourself? Read on!


Di-Et-Tri organizes about 60 activities per year. These activities vary from fun and active to informative activities. Our activities can offer a nice way to spend time with your fellow students. Check our activity calendar to see the activities that will be organized soon!


Would you like to know more about following a minor or doing a thesis or an internship? Di-Et-Tri organizes informative activities, such as a minor-market for second-year bachelor students and a thesis market and an internship evening for master students. And during our annual workfield orientation evening, interesting speakers visit us to tell all about their career.

Our association

Di-Et-Tri is the study association for students of the bachelor's Voeding en Gezondheid and the master's Nutrition and Health. Di-Et-Tri has over twenty committees that together organize about sixty (study-related) activities for our members. Di-Et-Tri also engages in education regarding minors, internships and possible careers. We also have our own association magazine called the Health Issue. Please take a further look on this website for more information!