Welcome to Aethon!

As an employer of talent and encourager of development, guidance, training and inspiration we inspire talent like you. We connect you to meaningful work at care institutions throughout the Netherlands.

We offer study related (side) jobs in elderly care, which is a great addition to your resume.

Before you get started you follow a shortened training with a valuable certificate. With our fun and well paid (side) jobs you will build up relevant work experience and make a social contribution. How cool is that?

What do we offer you?

  • A permanent contract with a fixed number of hours per month
  • Good salary: €10 – €13 per hour (excluding irregularity surcharge)
  • A training with a valuable certificate
  • Flexibility: work when and how often it suits you
  • The possibility to gain experience at multiple organizations

Important: as a student you qualify for a job at Aethon if you speak the Dutch language fluently.

What are you waiting for? Make a difference in care and apply now: