Dames Dispuut Dionysos

Dionysos is the first female ‘dispuut’ of Di-Et-Tri. Several students from different study years are member, and every year some new students join our beautiful group. Besides we are all member of Di-Et-Tri, all of us love to have fun, drink Coebergh, eat raisins and of course we love each other. To express this love, we meet every other week for dinner, drinks and lots of fun! You can find more information about us on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/dddionysos. On Wednesday evenings we are often in the Woeste Hoeve, so please come over and get to know us! Lots of love, Dionysos.



Dionysos consists of: Fleur Porskamp, Isis van Beers, Lisanne van der Houwen, Lotte van de Schuur, Laura Commandeur, Eva Brockhus, Maartje Moen, Marije Bosse, Pien Noordover, Benthe Kikken, Milou de Vrueh, Pien Ruempol, Anna Karsomenawi, Eva van Lunteren, Iris van Dijk, Lieve Smeets, Meike Terpstra, Noor Eilers, Anna-Sophie Schluter, Ella van den Boom, Guusje Nillisen, Meike Roelofs and Siri Post.