The activity committee of Di-Et-Tri is called the Akcie. We are a committee with seven people. The Akcie organizes activities that are non-study related. A couple of examples of activities that we have organized in the past year(s) are, the well-known integration parties, workshops, high tea and the BBQ, together with the men’s committee and the committee of first year bachelor students. For larger activities, like the student parties, the Akcie works together with Akcie’s from other study associations. In this way, you get to know other people from other studies. Also, we organize a pub-crawl together with the SAC of study association HeerenXVII.

You can contact the AkCie at akcie.diettri@wur.nl

The Akcie consists of: Sam van Elst, Winona Wyatt, Irene Vereecken, Eva Albers van der Linden, Merel van Eijk, Huub Benders, Sophie van der Hoeven, Suzie Rademakers & Henri van Deur