The LexCie

When you are studying Nutrition & Health you would probably like to know what you can do after your study. LexCie stands for the combination Lectures and Excursion. The LexCie keeps the students informed about important developments and career oppurtunities by organizing lectures and excursions. During an academic year we organize some fun, educating and interesting activities, which all have something to do with your future. About twice a year there is an evening planned to watch a film or documentary about nutrition. Every year together with Nutri-Akt, we organize an evening about ‘how to apply for a job’ and an evening about your options after your study. There have been excursions to Apetito, hospital ‘de Gelderse Vallei’, TNO nutrition and Unilever. This shows you something about your possible future working live. There are a lot possibilities for excursions. Anything is possible, as long as it has something to do with nutrition.

Do you have an idea for an activity? Or would you like organizing one with us? Please, contact us! You can contact us at

By participating in LexCie activities, you can earn 1 ECTS! Find out how this works here.

The LexCie consists of: Anouk Joosten, Bo van Ieperen, Lies Cuppers, Lise Heuven, Monique van Erp, Quirien Bastiaanse, Sophie van der Kas and Tessa de Leeuw