The FoodCie

We are a group of enthusiastic girls who love to cook, bake and above all: eat together! We hope to make you just as enthusiastic as we are with our activities. We want to do this by cooking for you, but also cooking and baking together with you. Activities may be: workshops, baking contests and meals provided by us during activities of other committees.

Like ‘Foodcie Di-Et-Tri’ on Facebook to stay tuned for our new activities and delicious recipes. If you have any suggestions for a nice activity, please e-mail this to:

Next to organizing activities, the Foodcie also published her very own recipe book in 2017. In this recipebook you can find stories, fun-facts and ofcourse delicious recipes.

The FoodCie consists of: Sandra van Krimpen, Sophie Wimmers, Iris Voskamp, Magda de Roon, Nathalie Dierichs, Sophie Terhaard, Maaike Klappe, Nina van der Schoot, Annemijn Tjeerts, Chantal den Elzen, Annemone Siffels, Annemijn Kruit, Ilse Oostveen, Devi Bouw, Esther Hullegien, Sjanne Veenstra, Maartje Moen and Eva Valgaeren