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The Batacie committee ensures that team Fastfood performs well during the Batavierenrace each year. The Batavierenrace is a student relay race from Nijmegen to Enschede (over 175 km), each team has 25 team members and everyone runs one stage. The stages vary in distance, we divide the stage among the runners and make sure everything goes well and that everyone has a place to sleep. The race starts on Friday at midnight on the last weekend of April and the last stage is around 17:00 on Saturday. After the race, there is a very large student party, here are the winners will be announced and there is a lot partying!

Our committee exist of three Di-et-tri and three Heeren XVII members.To perform well during the race, we have to train. In the fourth period, we start training for the Batavierenrace. We train once a week, after which we eat together, so everybody gets to know each other better. Two men from the committee will cook for the team. At the start of the fourth period we search for Di-et-tri and Heeren XVII members who want to run for our team. When we started training, we gather once a week.

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The BataCie consists of: Mark Bruggink (Heeren XVII), Petra Dijkstra (Di-Et-Tri), Ronald Konijn (Heeren XVII), Sarah Makkink (Di-Et-Tri), Suzanne van der Horst (Di-Et-Tri) and Tom Stigter (Heeren XVII)