The almanac committee is the committee that provides the almanac of Di-Et-Tri every 2.5 year. The almanac is a book full of photo’s of the nice activities that had taken place, funny statistics, a sneak peak of all the committees of Di-Et-Tri, some nice stories from our study advisors and a lot more that you don’t want to miss! The theme of the almanac of 2021-2023 is Disco Fever! Come pick your own almanac if you haven’t already done so. 


Within 2.5 years, the committee members worked hard to write, design and finally proudly publish the almanac then. With the committee, we are completely free in how we want to make our almanac. Think about deciding what the contents will be, but also the theme that our book is going to have and the whole design on the inside and outside. Since it asks for a lot of cooperation to successfully make the almanac together, we also like to spend some time together besides the meetings about the almanac. For example by having diner with each other. So to summarize, lots of fun and enough to keep ourselves busy with. Don’t forget to get your own unforgettable 2021-2023 almanac!


You can contact us via


Love, the Almanakcie

The committee consists of: Amber Smulders, Shui-Ling Verzaal, Bente van den Broek, Pien Coenen, Annemijn Crousen, Irene Vereecken, Iris van Brugge, Rosa Hoksbergen