LexCie Hours Arrangement

LexCie Hours Arrangement

Every year, the Lexcie organizes various study-related activities. Interesting lectures and excursions are part of the annual activities! In addition to the fact that participating during these activities is very interesting and fun, you can also earn 1 ECTS! This ECTS is awarded if the student has participated in Lexcie activities for 28 hours. The number of hours that were counted per activity can be found in the document below. These 28 hours can be collected during several years.

Example student x:
Bachelor year 2 (8 hours): participating in two activities of 4 hours
Bachelor year 3 (16 hours): participating in two activities of 8 hours
Master year 1 (4 hours): participating in one activity of 4 hours
Total: 8 + 16 + 4 = 28 uur = 1 ECTS

The Lexcie is not responsible for keeping track of the hours per student. The student should keep track of the activities he/she has participated in. For this we have created a document which you can find below. In addition, the student must give their signature during every activity. If a student did not sign the list, unfortunately no hours can be assigned for this activity. Signing is your own responsibility.

If the student has collected 28 hours and is therefore entitled to 1 ECTS, the student can email the list of attended activities to It will be checked whether this is correct and whether the signatures can be found on the lists. SSC will be informed that the student has earned 1 ECTS for the 'course' HNE-23801.

See below the hours arrangement

Lexcie Hours arrangement (download)